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I am an entrepreneur, an executive coach, and a youth and adult leadership educator. I am a Managing Partner at Generative Leadership Consulting; I serve as the CEO and chairperson of DESCO Service; I am  the founder of Lead Yourself Youth; the Principal of Venture Way Collaborative; and am a co-founder of The Women’s Collaborative.  I thrive when people of all ages, races, and genders are in a dialogue together, and believe that the only way toward systemic change is by bringing all community stakeholders together to create change together.

In my leadership and coaching, I work with people to develop a grounded and powerful presence rooted in what drives them.  This starts with creating awareness of how people see themselves. That awareness then creates choice to move differently in the world. The root of all these conversations is care. What are we taking care of? What needs more care? A common missing piece in the leaders, parents and kids I work with is: ourselves.

I work with teams , organizations, and communities.  I have multiple certifications that combine neuro-linguistics, mindfulness, emotional literacy and somatics.  This approach facilitates the embodiment of leadership rather than learning about leadership passively as a concept.  Just like a sports performance coach, in order to become a winning athlete, current habits of performance are examined and assessed before the embodiment of new habits begins. When we become aware of our response, we have choice in how we engage.


DESCO is a national service organization with a vision to be the model of how customer service is delivered, across all industries.  Our mission is to be the preferred service organization in the United States. We will do this by providing the best customer and repair service on a timely basis. We will ensure that our customers have the maximum up-time and longevity of their equipment while minimizing their costs. We are their trusted partner.


Our primary offer is healthcare technology management services, we also offer ice machine repair, we install retail lighting, and as of 2022 are beginning our work in the HVAC market.  We are bringing customer-centricity to service. 

Lead Yourself Youth works with educators, youth, school districts and whole communities.  Our work is focused on creating safe and healthy cultures.  We bring skill-building practices so our classrooms and communities produce psychological safety. 


Our vision is to create the space of trust and safety within our educational system that facilitates dialogue about emotions and tough choices kids face. We serve to break the cycles of trauma and dysregulation in the classroom so we have resilient and resourced future leaders. 

At the Women's Collaborative, we collaborate with women who value & are empowered by community & who seek to generate positivity together.  We seek to bring value to each individual & the collective community. We engage in generative conversations that orient us to what's important to us. We will discuss life & wellness strategies, share ideas, encourage each other's personal development, and assist each other in attaining our individual aspirations.

We are women who seek to build a community founded on trust, support & empowerment of one another. We are committed to building an empowered future connected to our goals & our individual standards of care. We are committed to living healthy lifestyles, and supporting each other.

Our Generative  Consulting Team  knows we can create a world in which everyone thrives, including the children of our children. We are committed to bringing conversations that matter to people so that teams can learn how to create meaningful outcomes through healthy cultures.  


Clients who work with us learn how to connect value & meaning so that satisfaction is experienced by all stakeholders. See who we work with here. 

Venture Way Collaborative is a space where community stakeholders come together to work, learn, & explore. We do this in a variety of ways:

  1. Through collaborative conversations. If you are committed to creating thriving workplace cultures where there is high trust and psychological safety, even if you don’t know how to produce that, we invite you to be in conversations with us.

  2. Through renting space at 200 Venture Way in Hadley, MA. Those who rent here are creating offers together. The commitment we bring is increasing consciousness so that organizations and community are human-centered.

  3. Through reaching out and inviting us to a conversation. Our “Out in the Open” event is our way of inviting you to be in conversation to make big things happen together.


We are committed to bringing intergenerational collaborative learning and diversity to organizational cultures.

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