I am a Leadership Performance Coach; Corporate Consultant & Trainer. I am the Founder of Lead Yourself Youth, Inc., an organization dedicated to youth leadership development in under served communities; I also serve as Chairperson to DESCO Medical Service.

In my leadership and coaching, I work with people to develop a grounded and powerful presence rooted in what drives them.  This starts with creating awareness of how people see themselves. That awareness then creates choice to move differently in the world. The root of all these conversations is care. What are we taking care of? What needs more care? A common missing piece in the leaders, parents and kids I work with is: ourselves.

I work with individuals, teams and entire organizations.  I have multiple certifications that combine neuro-linguistics, mindfulness, emotional literacy and somatics.  This approach facilitates the embodiment of leadership rather than learning about leadership passively as a concept.  Just like a sports performance coach, in order to become a winning athlete, current habits of performance are examined and assessed before the embodiment of new habits begins. When we become aware of our response, we have choice in how we engage.


As a company that has been in business for over 45 years, we as a group are well-positioned to have handled the lion’s share of service issues, administrative procedures and everything else you can imagine. We understand urgency & ongoing changes in the market. We live it.

And while we are committed to being the global model for service, we haven’t veered away from what’s senior to any singular milestone; that being what’s needed or wanted by the customer. So whether you are in hospitality, healthcare or protecting the environment treating wastewater, customer-tailored programs are readily available to help you increase up-time and economize on cost.

Lead Yourself Youth is here to serve those who seek success in life. Whether aspirations are to be a caregiver, entrepreneur, educator or explorer,
Lead Yourself Youth co-creates the bridge to help adolescents transition from childhood to adulthood.

To collaborate with women who value & are empowered by community & who seek to generate positivity together.  We seek to bring value to each individual & the collective community. We will engage in generative conversations that orient us to what's important to us. We will discuss life & wellness strategies, share ideas, encourage each other's personal development, and assist each other in attaining our individual aspirations.

We are women who seek to build a community founded on trust, support & empowerment of one another. We are committed to building an empowered future connected to our goals & our individual standards of care. We are committed to living healthy lifestyles, and supporting each other.

GL US is a part of a global movement that sets the standard for leadership as a profession and for enabling people to fulfill their full generative potential as human beings.

IGL works with individuals, organizations, and communities to bridge the gap from being busy and on the go to making a bigger and more powerful impact. IGL US is a part of a global directorate with IGL LATAM and IGL Asia.  

DignityWorks was born from one woman's commitment to bring voice and resilience to all, her name is Jessi Kirley.  What is Dignity? It is our inherent self worth. We all have the ability to build and strengthen our dignity, we don't always have the answers as to how to do that. Andrea is weaving in her learning of whole body learning so people can learn how.  

Through DignityWorks, Andrea's provides a generative lens with embodiment through practice so that all of our voices are heard.  We can learn to speak from our dignity. DignityWorks provides a venue for all races, genders, socioeconomic statuses and belief systems to come together in practice together.