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Sat on the Rocks

About Consulting & Coaching


My coaching approach creates awareness of behaviors & attitudes by focusing on how the coachee shows up via body language (somatics), the emotions that surface and the narrative in the story that's conveyed. Specific behaviors are identified to create a clear path to achieve performance goals. I mostly work with leadership teams.

The team approach allows the team members to understand their role in the team dynamics.  This has a ripple effect that pours over into personal relationships. 

A Forbes article shared research that demonstrated an increase in well-being from coaching, it reported that “coaches help you identify and align your values, create a focus, cut through clutter, and clear tolerations, they help you increase your professional fulfillment.”  In order to reach fulfillment, the mind-body connection supports transformation. Working with teams amplifies this. 

My philosophy is we are who we are wherever we show up. Research suggests it takes 300 times for a new habit to feel familiar, 3000 for it to become embodied and 10,000 iterations for a habit to achieve mastery.  If we think about driving a car or learning a new sport, the beginning stages of learning is very mechanical and requires a lot of awareness.  After multiple times practicing, certain moves become second nature because we have embodied and mastered the learning. The same goes for leadership and team skill development: Embody. Influence. Impact.

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Sat on the Rocks

Youth Development

My mission is to help kids develop healthy coping skills using neurolinguistics, mindfulness, emotional intelligence-training and somatic awareness. I work with kids in group settings inside and outside of school.


Team Coaching & Consulting



Personal Fulfillment; Professional Identity; Increased Profit; Improved Employee & Customer Retention I have 20 years experience as an executive in healthcare. I’ve worked in business development & operations.

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