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Declaring Vision

A note on declaring vision.

DESCO’s Vision is to be the model of how customer service is delivered across all industries, globally. I envision DESCO being the model that others use to deliver service.

What works well...

Starting with the way we find, on-board and train our team members. When we hire field staff, our hiring process involves candidate shadowing an employee for a few days on the field. The same process goes for customer service. In order to achieve vision, defining and then identifying individual attributes makes the hiring easier. The attributes that make up the right mix at DESCO are collaboration, ambition, willingness to learn, willingness to fail, as well as ownership for each of our roles. This creates the collective culture of DESCO. By any observation, the culture is one where service to each other and our customers is evident with every interaction.

Clarifying what is important to the organization, creating a declaration and crafting organizational goals to execute on vision is what makes it generative. Being clear on what works well and what doesn't work well has helped greatly with attracting and retaining star team members.

What does not work well…

What is not of interest to me is promoting a cut throat environment where one person getting ahead by himself or herself at the expense of others, but rather a culture that supports the team working together for a shared future with acknowledgement of the individuals who strive for the shared goal.

The vision created and conveyed frequently also includes the way our team members deliver service and the way DESCO leadership supports the team and our partners & customers. Creating a work culture where people want to be, where people feel free to be themselves, where people find reward and thanks when helping one another, a place where team members feel acknowledged and supported by their managers.

Not everyday will be a good day, I don’t expect that we are going to wake up each day excited and ready to serve our partners, customers and each other. We are human after all, just like we have a bad day at home, we will have bad days at work, but if most days can be pretty good days where we each find joy and aliveness working, then we have each succeeded in finding a place that fits what we care about and we have succeeded in finding a place that cares for us.

Andrea Bordenca is a mother of 3 boys, the CEO of a DESCO Medical Service, the founder of Lead Yourself Youth and a Leadership Coach. All leadership is a form of service, yet many leaders fall into sacrifice. If you don't ask for help, you are suffering needlessly. In order to affect change, support from others is needed.

Don't go it alone.

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