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Energy, Attention & Time: In Leadership & Parenting

Energy follows attention. Let's start there. Think about someone who is known for being late or is known for always being in crises. This happens because the energy of each person is focused on a variation of the story of “not enough time” or “I am so busy” & “there's always something to worry about”.

The life we lead, the stories we tell & the actions we take are framed by where we place our attention.

For kids, there's a lot of attention placed on learning. This is a great formula for disconnecting from our bodies. We are trained & rewarded to trap as much info in our heads & be smart or analytical. We learn to live in our heads so much we lose our larger vision which relies on a connection to our body.

When we are disconnected we lose our ability to feel. When we don't feel we don't allow signals that indicate exhaustion or pain. We numb, we power through, we push through by using our brain. Our brain gets tired, fuzzy & we break down slowly.

A part of this shift is becoming aware of what's happening now. Because energy follows attention & that awareness provides choice.

If you're noticing you or your kids are stressed out, there's a few questions to reflect on to get to clarity:

  1. What actions are you taking to accomplish the goal or lifestyle you desire?

  2. What actions are being taken out of habit or because they are expected of you?

  3. Referring to #2: at what cost?

  4. What are conversations you could have to get help or move closer to what you care about?

Once we refine what is with what we desire, we can then:

  1. Start to notice our narratives about time, tasks & expectations.

  2. Start to notice the feelings & sensations that show up in our body. Some might come up like a “gut feeling”. What is that signaling to you?

  3. What shifts can be made or help is needed to take one action in line with your goal?

When we are attentive, time slows down, we create the space & opening to begin to feel toward our goals by connecting to our bodies. We have more choice.

It's a matter of energy, attention & time.


Andrea Bordenca is married with 3 boys, runs two businesses & is in physical training for competition. She is a living embodiment of creating action from care & is in awe of how much time can serve us. If time or commitment seems strained, Andrea may be able to help.

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