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Musicians & Athletes Have Coaches

They have Coaches and it is expected.

It’s expected that musicians and athletes have coaches. There is a specific skill and talent that each are looking to refine. There are learning practices that coaches provide to musicians and athletes so each learns how to achieve a new level of performance.

The same is applied to those looking to develop leadership skills or to determine what skills are needed to play in a new game. Assessments are made by the coach to the coachee whether you are a musician, athlete, established leader in your industry or entry level receptionist looking to get ahead.

Whether athletic, artistic or leadership coaching, the same questions are posed:

What are your strengths?

What are your gaps?

What is getting in the way of developing those strengths?

What are the practices that can be developed so you no longer have those gaps?

Coaches help in specific, targeted areas to help all the pieces of who you are fit in a bigger picture. It is the strategy of your life.

Each of us are able to get to point A to point B and can navigate how to do that given the context we live in and the habits that we build on day in and day out; yet, there is always something that gets in the way of making a bigger impact.

At some point, when we sing the same notes or play the same defensive plays, we become very competent in those areas, but are not building the practices to get the next level and are unable to compete in a bigger game. This can create boredom, a feeling of settling for comfort or allowing your competitor to get to know your plays well which puts you in a weak position.

The question is, am I in the right game?

How to determine if you are? A good start is answering the questions below and setting up a call to explore. The questions are meant to have you reflect and dig a little. I recommend sitting with some of the questions. Don't rush just to answer the questions. There is no right and wrong here. Enjoy the questioning...

What outcome are you hoping for? Or, what do you sense is missing now?

What skills or practices have you mastered and what are you most proud of?

What prompted you to ask the question you are seeking the answer to?

What skills or practices do you admire in others?

What skills or practices do you see would be of value to you to get to that next level or new game?

What and why do you want to change?

Andrea Bordenca is a mother of 3 boys, the CEO of a DESCO Medical Service, the founder of Lead Yourself Youth and a Leadership Coach. All leadership is a form of service, yet many leaders fall into sacrifice. What are you doing that is in service of yourself and those you care about? If you are struggling, Andrea would love to help you get back on a purposeful path:

Testimonial for Andrea's Leadership Coaching:

"My thoughts and actions have noticeably shifted to a new perspective that is not only developing my leadership skills, shaping my core values, improving my self-awareness, and growing my confidence, but also better serving the people around me. This coaching experience is positively impacting my body, mind, and emotions.

Andrea's guidance is setting me up for sustainable leadership and personal development. She carries an enthusiastic passion for coaching and in-depth leadership experience. Andrea carefully listens and provides thoughtful, written feedback that I can easily draw upon in the future. I would highly recommend her to any aspiring leader or any person who wants to create a better self." - VP, Asset Management

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