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October Teleclass: Listening to Bodies

In the previous post, I mentioned some tips to break habits of anxiety and unhealthy coping. It is often easier when we have a coach or accountability partner. It helps us get to where we want to go a little bit faster and with more ease. It is comfortable for so many of us to "go it alone". Yet, we build more impact and power when we align with others.

This is an invitation for you to join like minded people who are looking to create powerful embodied habits. A part of my mission in life is to bring this learning to a wider audience because of the impact it has had on my life, my family's lives, and the people I work with.

This class offers a way to disrupt old patterns and create new ones that are more generative in terms of well-being.

Suzanne Zeman created and designed "Listening to Bodies Long Distance", a teleclass series. All you need is access to a phone. This teleclass provides content and body-based (somatic) practices to rewire our nervous system so we can better respond to the detours that are inevitable in life.

The course runs for 6 weeks and includes practice sessions in between each session to further embody the learning and to reveal what practices are not quite yet understood so it can be asked during our session together. The price is $425.

The next class starts Monday October 7, 2019 at 1PM Eastern Time. There are still 3 seats open. The course outline is below. Please message me at if you are interested in a spot.


Mondays 1PM Oct 7 - Nov 18 (class on Col. Day, but not on Vet. Day).


I will send a call in number and an e-book for reference with weekly light reading to further embody the learning.

Course Outline:


A Teleclass Series

led by Andrea Bordenca, Somatic Coach

In this 6 week teleclass you will learn 5 basic distinctions with practical application that will shift your awareness and response to both your individual level of presence and connection with yourself and in relationship with others. You'll learn how to apply what we're discussing immediately. We'll spend one week on each distinction and one week integrating all of them.

Come to the class with your questions - we will do some coaching in real time. What you can expect from the teleclass:

  • Somatic distinctions you can use to shift from reacting from emotion to responding rooted deeper in center

  • Practices that will be useful for embodying the various distinctions

  • More freedom and movement in day to day life

These are the somatic distinctions we will work with:

Week 1: Sensation

What is being experienced in the body now? Where is energy flowing, where are points of attention, where is there constriction or contraction, where is there lack of awareness (for example, no awareness or sensation in back)…What is awareness of their vertical line? Horizontal? Front to back? Practices to enhance awareness.

Week 2: Breath

Listening for shortness of breath or shallow breathing, constriction or contraction, moving to fuller and deeper breathing from the belly, with relaxed shoulders and upper chest. Practices to enhance full breathing.

Week 3: Voice

Listening for characteristics of strained, constricted, shallow, tight voice, moving toward relaxation, expansion, and connection with others from a fuller, deeper voice. How does the voice represent identity and how we reveal ourselves to the world?

Week 4: Mood

Listening for a pervasive story that has us, and others, trapped in a mood that doesn't allow for effective actions. Review of four basic moods and how to shift to a mood that is more fulfilling.

Week 5: Center

Sensing embodiment and action based on what we care about. Practices to help discover cares, passions, commitments that are not yet revealed.

Week 6: Integration

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