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Spirit and Leadership

I love to learn. I love to learn new insights into human behavior, into what makes humans human, and what creates healthy relationships with self, with others and the connection to something that is beyond human.

Carl Jung spoke of the collective unconscious.

I had the opportunity to visit Sameer and watch his leadership in action in Pune, India. Generative learning in action under a strong leader.

I interpret this to mean something that is bigger and beyond the individual. It is an energetic connection that bridges all people together. At the Institute for Generative Leadership (IGL), we speak of Me-We-World. There is the work of the self, our relationship with others, and our bigger purpose that extends into the world.

The We-World space is where we connect to others' energy and to that larger sense of purpose each of have within us. This is leadership. Leadership is leading a life that is connected to a larger purpose. That larger purpose is defined by us, as individuals. Introducing different ways of thinking, whether it is Jung, Moses, Buddha or other historical figures, we can learn a lot about ourselves and how we relate to others and that larger purpose through the stories these historical texts bring to us.

My friend and colleague, Sameer Dua (CEO of IGL, Asia), recently introduced lessons of Bhagavad Gita from an Indian classic: The Mahabharata as a lesson in leadership. I am just entering into the learning here and the leadership lessons.

Whether you are Christian, Agnostic, Jewish, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or follow another religion, this is an invitation to check out the power and action of the Bhagwad Gita. The focus of this learning and the generative framing Sameer offers is on practice.

And as with any philosophical, religious, or even psychological or behavioral teachings, if you are open to it, different perspectives about YOU will reveal themselves to you and help you understand yourself and others in a new light.

There is a webinar series on the Bhagwad Gita from our Generative Leadership lens starting this and draw out powerful practices that have the potential to shift your life and leadership impact.

Register here, it is free. It starts 9/13/2019:

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